3M? Double-Coated Tape 9040 is a general-purpose double-coated tissue tape. It features a high tack, high initial adhesion rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, a tissue carrier and an easy to remove siliconised paper liner.

Choose 3M? Double Coated Tape 9040 as a general purpose double coated tissue tape that?s easy to use. Our tape has high tack and initial adhesion, with a rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed with a tissue carrier, this tape has an easy to remove liner and good processing and die-cutting properties.


Suggested Applications

  • Use for situations needing pressure sensitive adhesive


  • Use a general purpose double coated tissue tape with high tack and initial grab
  • Remove the liner with ease
  • Get good processing and die-cutting properties
  • Easy to remove line

3M9040 Double Coated Polyester Tape, Transparent 25mm x 50M

PriceFrom £3.65